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One-on-One Voice Over Coaching Sessions via Zoom

Private Voice Over Coaching that will help you nail that audition or build your technique and skills for working in voice over or audio book narration!

Is this you?

You know you have the skills for voice over but feel you don’t know enough about what you’re doing to make a demo.


You’re working as a voice over artist and want to get the edge on those trying to do voiceover without coaching or guidance.


You’ve made a demo and sent it out, but just haven’t had the response you’d like.


You want to work in audio book narration and need to sharpen your skills and learn more about the techniques.


You’re in the US, Canada or the UK and maybe you’re auditioning from home with little to no success and want to learn how to make choices that will increase your success rate.  A short session may be all you need to get voice over coaching on how to deliver your script, so casting people sit up and listen!


You can’t get to my voice over coaching in Melbourne.

Then how about this…

One-on-one ZOOM Sessions that’ll give you great coaching, refine what you already know and teach you new stuff!

If you want:

  • professional voice acting technique
  • insider knowledge about the industry and trends
  • to know how to collaborate in the studio to create great reads
  • to learn how to self-produce
  • to find out where you’d fit in

I’ll coach you on what works and why…and what doesn’t and why not!

…and give you the skills and techniques to help you create killer reads that get you booked time and time again.

Already have a voice over demo? Send it through and I’ll give you a FREE assessment when we speak.


1. Get Voice Over Coaching on your Audition Script!

Make an impression with your next Audition with these 30 minute ‘script blaster’ sessions $70AUD

Got an audition script? Send it through before we talk.

Click to register for a 30 minute ‘script blaster’ $75AUD (plus GST of 10%)


2. Work with me to get Skilled-Up in Voice Over acting!

One hour ZOOM sessions will set you straight on your voiceover technique. $150AUD

Once you’ve registered, I’ll be in touch to talk about what you’d like to achieve!

Then I’ll send you two voice over scripts before the session – based on the type of work you’re likely to be cast for.

Click to register for one hour at just $150AUD (plus GST of 10%)