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Discover Voice Over
‘ZOOM Technique and Group Coaching Sessions’

Here’s How It Works!!!

The course begins with an essential  2 hour Zoom ‘Live Stream’ with me, Abbe Holmes

I’ll guide you through the landscape of voiceover and give you the insider knowledge you’ll need to decide which area feels right…

…and then you choose which of the 4 Intensive ‘Style Sessions’ on different areas of voiceover you feel fits you best.

Knowing what kind of voiceover work you’re suited to is the key to your success

I’ll give you technique coaching on both commercial and non-commercial voice over, animation and character work, and audio book narration

Whether you’ve had little or no voice over experience, but need to satisfy that little voice in your head that keeps whispering to you, ‘voice over’, or you’re an actor or a natural who wants to get the inside-out of script styles and the techniques for each, know more about, home studios, self-producing and what’s possible in the studio and how it all comes together, then this 2 hour information intensive will answer all your questions and give you valuable information that will help you understand:

  • The way the industry works
  • The type of work voice over artists do
  • The types and styles of scripts you’re cast for
  • How you get cast and how the casting process works
  • The reality of voiceover work in the Covid/post Covid world
  • The secrets to making a great voice over demo
  • Creating a home studio
  • How to market your talents 

The date for the 2 Hour Zoom Voiceover ‘Live Stream’ is Saturday April 24th 11am-1pm  Cost $90 (plus gst) click this link to register 

After this session, when you have an understanding of each different area of voiceover and what it takes…

Now’s The Time To Take The Next Step!!!

Knowing how to become a voice actor isn’t rocket science, but actually doing the work requires a lot more knowledge.

So, I’ve created 4 distinct tailored short courses that deep-dive voiceover to refine your skills and techniques in a ‘small group’ setting, maximum of 10.

  1. In the Commercial sessions, (that is voiceover for ads for radio TV or online) you’ll work with broadcast quality scripts that you would potentially be cast for… and I’ll show you some of the easy short-cuts and techniques to help you create great reads that deliver the advertising message. Wednesday May 12th 6.30-9PM Australian eastern Standard Time (including a short break) Cost $150. For more information and to register go here
  2. For the Non-commercial sessions, (that is voiceover for business, corporate, e-learning, medical and websites) you’ll be sent longer, information scripts.  I’ll give you the techniques for understanding how to deliver that material and sound like an expert. Thursday May 6th 6.30-9PM Australian Eastern Standard Time. (including a short break) Cost $150. For more information and to register go here
  3. In the Animation and Character work sessions,  I’ll provide you with a variety of character and animation scripts and we’ll work out where your talents are best suited. Saturday May 8th 10-12.30AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (including a short break) Cost $150.For more information and to register go here
  4. Audio Book Narration is growing and growing.  You’ve already learnt how the industry works in the 2 hour Live Stream. Now you’ll learn the skills for becoming a bookable audio book narrator. Copy will be sent to you prior to the session. SATURDAY May 15th 10AM-12.30 Australian Eastern Standard Time (including a short break).  Cost $150. For more information and to register go here

Across any or all four sessions, we’ll work to refine the skills that you have.  You’ll learn new skills and techniques and you’ll learn how best to target your talents to those who are looking for you.

So, if you’d like to follow your dream of working in voice over register and let me guide you.