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Discover Voice Over
‘One Day Technique Workshop’

Find Out If Voice Over Is For You!

Whether you’ve had little or no voice over experience, but need to satisfy that little voice in your head that keeps whispering to you, ‘voice over’, or you’re an actor or a natural who wants to get the inside-out of script technique, know more about what’s possible in the studio and how it all comes together, then this one day seminar and technique workshop will answer all your questions and give you valuable insider techniques and info. We spend about 80% of the time working with different script styles and I give you all the rules for how to approach them.


  • The way the industry works
  • The type of work voice over artists do
  • The types and styles of scripts you’re cast for
  • How you get cast and how the casting process works
  • The secrets to making a great voice over demo
  • Creating a home studio in the Covid/post Covid world
  • How to market your talents

Understanding how to become a voice actor isn’t rocket science but it is based on a set of rules that I can teach you. On the day, you’ll work with broadcast quality scripts and be cast to read at least 3 different styles, based on your voice style and where you would potentially fit into the world of voiceover…and I’ll show you some of the easy short-cuts and techniques to help you create great reads.

You’ll also get to understand

  • Different ways of working in voiceover, including commercials, information delivery, character work and audio book narration
  • How to convert written word into great spoken word
  • Your unique voice over style or styles

But if you have worked in voiceover or had some experience of it and feel you already have enough knowledge about voice over and want to begin your studio practice, click the link to my Private Coaching Page for all you need to know.

So, if you’d like to follow your dream of working in voice over come to the next Discover Voiceover Course

  • Melbourne, Saturday June 20th  @ The Shell Room, Malthouse Theatre, Sturt Street, Southbank, 10am-5pm  $290 (plus gst)
  • Melbourne, Saturday July? (tbc) @ The Shell Room, Malthouse Theatre, Sturt Street, Southbank, 10am-5pm  $290 (plus gst)

To book and pay for your course, just go to the shop Or contact me if you’re interested in learning about voiceover but can’t get to Melbourne.  There’s always Zoom!  Current restrictions at the Malthouse allow for a maximum of 11 participants.