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Creating a Voiceover Demo

We offer 2 different ways to create your best ever voice demo, either from work you’ve recorded during training with VoiceOverCoach, sometimes incorporating broadcast work you’ve done previously.

Creating a Compilation Demo from existing tracks.


When you’ve reached the stage, after doing the studio practice, that you feel confident that you can make a meal of a script, then you’ll be ready to launch yourself into voiceover land by creating your new voice demo.  The demos are put together with the fabulous Matt Gerber-Corn at Sonic Playground in South Melbourne.

We’ll make a time to meet at the Studio to edit and compile the best of your recorded work and record an introduction for the demo.  If you’ve made a voice demo previously, there may even be tracks that are suitable for the new one. We’ll discuss your sound design and production music, and formulate a potential order for the demo. This usually takes about one and a half to two hours.

If you want to record more material to add to your demo, we can do it at this session, but each extra hour will cost $100 for both Matt and myself.

Within the next few days to a week, Matt will deliver a draft to me and we’ll reshape the order and finesse the demo. Then we’ll send it to you for you approval and if needs be, do any tweaking or make any changes you want. It’s your demo. You need to be completely happy with it and proud to send it anywhere.  Send me an email and we’ll talk.

Cost VOC $400
MATT $450



Being successful as a voiceover artist is all to do with how you position yourself in this ever growing industry. There are two ways I can work with you to design a voice demo from the ground, up.

I create demo’s from the ground up with voice over artists who’ve been working with me privately or in the ‘One Dayers’ and want to build something truly unique. We’ll work out what kind of demo this is going to be, what it needs to say about you and we’ll discuss how to market the demo.

I can also build a new demo with those who’ve both worked in the industry for many years or who are just building a career, and are finding that their voice over career has stalled or for some reason their work is suddenly reducing.  There can be many reasons for this but in many cases the problem lies with the demo.  Perhaps the material is dated or just not representative of the kind of work that you’d be cast for.

To begin with, we’ll meet and discuss the best material for the demo in a planning session of about 90 minutes.  If you have some tracks, we’ll listen to your broadcast work and choose material that’s engaging and brilliantly performed and is likely to get you the most work.  Then we’ll work out what’s missing and I’ll source unique scripts for you.

If we are to build a demo together with no other material, then we’ll have a planning meeting of 90 minutes to work through scripts that would suit your voice styles and personality.  Then we’ll make a time at the studio to record.

The cost includes a loading for all production sound effects and music/sound tracks.

You’ll be given studio lists, rates sheets and guidance as to where to send the demo.

If any of these describes your needs, and you’re looking for some guidance on creating a stand-out demo with material that’s up-to-date, suits your style and is likely to get you work, then just send me an email.

Cost VOC $650
MATT $650