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Audio Coaching Programs

Professional Voice Over Training that Won’t Break the Bank!

voice-over audio coaching programs

Learn the essentials of voiceover acting at home with my audio programs. They give you a comprehensive introduction to the skills, techniques, theory and analyses of voiceover and voiceover styles, as well as all the do’s and dont’s of voice over demo making and an easy guide to marketing yourself and your talents.

It doesn’t really matter where you are in the English-speaking world, the rules for approaching the different styles of scripts are pretty much the same.  Only the accent is different.

My audio programs will give you the all the clues and ah-ha! moments you’ll need, to create great reads.

Each individual program runs for approximately 23 minutes and cover these topics:

  • Becoming a Voice Over Artist – Everything You Need to Know about What it Takes!
  • Perfecting The Naturalistic Read
  • Creating Character Voices that Really Hit the Mark
  • Mastering the Retail Read
  • Mastering Announcer Style
  • How To Make The Best Ever Voice Demo
  • It’s All About You – Marketing for the Uninitiated

The programs are accompanied by either scripts that we analyse, so you can understand the rules and techniques for the four main styles of scripts, Naturalist, Character/Character-driven, Retail and Announcer; or information about what happens in the industry and how you get cast.

But this is the best part!

You can buy any of these programs individually and make a study of the area that interests you most…or buy one by one and take the whole course over a period of time.

Or you can sign up for The Complete Program, to work with at your leisure and return to at any time, at a special price and save almost 30%.

Understanding scripts styles, techniques and approaches is essential before your studio practice, so to register for my ‘One Day Studio Intensive’ coaching you’ll need to have made a study of the first 3 programs; which you can buy as the Three Core Programs, for 15% off.

  1. Becoming a Voiceover Artist – Everything You Need to Know about What it Takes!
  2. Perfecting the Naturalistic Read, and
  3. Creating Character Voices that Really Hit the Mark

Once you’ve done this you’ll be ready to start in the studio, where you’ll really begin to discover or perfect your technique.  Don’t forget, you want to the material you record on the day to be great quality.  The better your work, the closer you’ll be to that expert demo.

So, before you do anything else, load up your voice over technique tool bag with these easy-to-download programs.  Go to the shop to listen to samples