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Audio Book Narration Short Course



Want to Work in Audiobook Narration?

This is you!


  • An avid reader with a love of words and language.
  • An actor or voiceover artist who knows they’d like to narrate audio books
  • An author who’s been considering narrating their own audio book.
  • Already narrating audio books but want to refine your skills and find out more about what’s required.


Find out where to begin in audiobook narration and how it all works in these 2.5 hour small-group coaching sessions held on a Saturday 10am-12.30pm AEST via Zoom


Discover the Skills for Successful AudioBook Narration

Working with both fiction and non-fiction you’ll find out what you may be best suited too.  We’ll explore character dynamics and the art of storytelling

You’ll learn the difference between working in 1st person and 3rd person and understand how to move from narrator voice into character voice or voices

You’ll also understand the techniques for creating different voices for each character, male or female


Takeaways to kick-start working in Audiobook Narration 

You’ll get insider knowledge and learn:

  • About the landscape of audio book narration
  • The skills for narrating even the most complex book
  • How to choose and prepare an audition and where to send it
  • How to do the book prep before your studio session
  • About how it all works in the studio or from home, and
  • About the technical process of creating audio recordings


These sessions will give you the tools to create a seamless performance for audiobook narration

Cost is $150AUD (plus gst of 10%)

You just need to register and pay and you’ll be sent a Zoom link and materials in the week prior to the session.

There will be time for individual questions

Just register here and I’ll be in touch