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Voice Over Tricks of the Trade: Part 1

19 August

Love Voice Over and want to know two tricks of the trade? If you focus on developing script know how and believability, your voice over career will really take off! Working in voice over has to come high on the list of ‘best jobs in the world’. In my long career, I’ve often pinched myself […]

Voice Over Story Telling Skills You Must Have

03 August

Every Voice Over script has a story to tell. And if you want regular work as a voice actor, you must keep developing your story telling skills. If you’re a regular reader of my blogs, you’ll know there are many different scripts, written in different styles. But the one thing all voice over scripts have […]

Voice Acting Techniques The Pros Use

15 July

Ever wondered how to perfect your Voice Over reads? Here are two little rules for the voice actor that make all the difference! The Voice Over pro’s all do it brilliantly – and that’s what makes them pro’s. Know what they do? They understand how to convert written word into spoken word and make it […]