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Jessica Clarke

16 June

Working with Abbe was the best thing I could have done to kick-start my voice over career.  The most skilled and experienced voice over artist in the country, she’s also a wonderful, passionate teacher who genuinely cares about her students’ progress.  I made my demo with Abbe and was accepted by Australia’s leading voice over […]

Kyle Tidd

30 April

Abbe has excellent attention to detail, focusing on every little aspect of the craft until it becomes second nature. Her personality throughout her coaching is warm, uplifting, not to mention inspirational. Her experience in the industry itself shows within each and every session, giving you the confidence to achieve your best in the booth. Throughout […]

Rosie Traynor

30 April

I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Abbe as a personal voice coach and took part in her ‘one dayer’ at Sonic Playground.  It was a fabulous experience! You’re in safe hands with Abbe.  With so much experience in the voice over business, Abbe generously shares her wealth of knowledge.  She instinctively knows how […]

Cameron Bate

09 March

If it wasn’t for Abbe I would still be stuck in my bedroom yelling into my Mic, trying to impersonate the latest Harvey Norman Ad.   Her insight and wisdom has helped me improve my skills and boosted my confidence in the booth, identified problem patterns and gave me a set of tools to help me […]

Nicola Paull

18 June

Abbe is not your average buddy, and she’s not your average voice over professional either. She has an amazing ear for nuance and atmosphere and a depth of insight into the making of a good recorded voice outcome, unsurpassed by anyone I have ever known and an uncanny ability to communicate that to people she […]

Erik Chess

16 June

As a voiceover artist working mainly in the retail side of the business, I was keen to pick Abbe’s brain to learn more about script analysis and finding my voice for natural and character reads, so I did the  ‘One Day Studio Intensive’.  Abbe’s talent at teaching how to pick the relevant and important words […]

Ben Prendergast

16 June

Abbe Holmes is a living voice legend, not in a Wizard of Oz kind of way, but in a real human-who-you-trust-with-your-career way.  I’ve worked with Abbe now for years, from voice coaching, to voice-over theory and practice, to crafting my current (and best ever) demo, and consistently she has given me the insight and confidence […]

Elke Osadnik

16 June

After working with several voice over coaches, no one comes close to Abbe.  She’s not interested in you becoming a ‘good’ voice artist with a ‘good’ demo – she wants you to be brilliant. Abbe has a ridiculously finely tuned ear and she’ll ‘tweak your work until you nail it.’  Abbe is not about gimmicks […]