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Ben Prendergast

16 June

Abbe Holmes is a living voice legend, not in a Wizard of Oz kind of way, but in a real human-who-you-trust-with-your-career way.  I’ve worked with Abbe now for years, from voice coaching, to voice-over theory and practice, to crafting my current (and best ever) demo, and consistently she has given me the insight and confidence to go after and win great voice gigs.  Here’s a ittle known fact: Abbe has been paid to say more words than the combined Russian/English translation of War and Peace.  In your FACE Tolstoy!

Ben Prendergast – Actor/Voice-over Artist/Producer


Abbe Holmes About Abbe Holmes
Find Your Voice As a Voice Over Actor And Artist With The Voice Over Coach. For over 30 years I've had a successful voiceover career. I work in mainstream voice over for radio and television, narration for the corporate sector, website content and documentaries, as well as characters for animation, IVR, ADR, on-hold and foreign film dubbing.

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