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Stephen Renfree

22 October

The thing I love about watching Abbe work with new, raw talent, is her ability to create a warm and inspiring clone of the real world which throws up all the obstacles of a proper session while at the same time being nurturing.  The other thing I love is Abbe’s acute perceptiveness with scripts, so […]

Philip Webster

05 October

If required, Abbe’s voice could sell snow to Eskimos. She understands microphone technique and how to approach the written word and as a voice coach, there’s no one better qualified.  Her voice and voice characterisations are a delight, to be encouraged and enjoyed. Abbe is always rewarding to work with not only as a voice […]

Christopher Bunworth

04 August

Abbe has the best ears…!!!!!  And the experience to put that to your advantage.  She knows the business inside and out and deals with everyone as an equal. Her course not only gave me comprehensive and practical insights but also provided me with the tools I needed to start working in this very competitive market.  […]

Fiona Reed

24 June

I finally ‘got it’ when I did Abbe Holmes’ voice over course. Using the techniques I learnt from Abbe, I am now getting work which is a dream come true for me. The feedback I’ve been getting is great and I’m feeling more and more confident and proud of my work. I would highly recommend […]